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Friday Reader Rant #2: Caledonia Can't Stop, Won't Stop

We've already seen new Chelsea development The Caledonia swallow the view of one Curbed reader (if you doubt how big this place really is, look again at the rendering at right and note the microscopic High Line at its base). Now it's time for a rant from another reader, this time to the south of the Big C:

The Caledonia’s optical rape continues. For years our north-facing offices in the Chelsea Market have had great unobstructed views of the river and West Chelsea. Now all we get is the never-ending building that keeps climbing and climbing. I mean, they’re only on a floor in the mid-teens and already this monstrosity is towering over everything in its wake. I feel especially bad for the building to the immediate right of the Caledonia on 16th street. A couple of years ago they spent beaucoup bucks putting on a gorgeous roof garden (we stare at it in envy every summer) and now it's completely surrounded and boxed in by the Caledonia. So much for that great unobstructed view of the river in the summer.

· There Goes My View: Caledonia Edition [Curbed]
· Development Du Jour: The Caladonia [Curbed] BONUS: A peppy Villager update on High Line construction notes that despite the decision that the public must have free use of the 16th Street stairs, The Caledonia will enjoy its own connection to that stairwell. [The Villager]

The Caledonia

450 W 17th St., New York, NY 10011