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Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Assimilates Danny Meyer

[Mashup credit: Wired New York poster finnmann69. Genius.]

As if further proof were needed that architect Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue is the most important NYC residential real estate development of the late-aughts, Eater drops the rumor that über-restaurateur Danny Meyer is planning a restaurant in the building. Check it: "Since ground on the building is as yet unbroken very few details about the restaurant are available and Meyer's camp is characteristically mum. But, barring a deal that falls through, it's happening. As is a dining room that will boast -- oh, wait, we do have one last detail -- floating trees."
· West Chelsea Slated to Get a Danny Meyer Restaurant [Eater]
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BONUS (MINI) FRIDAY READER RANT: John Lumea emails, "Note the credit on 100 Eleventh Avenue website: Ateliers Jean Nouvel 'with' Beyer Blinder Belle. Is that kind of like the New York Times Building is Renzo Piano 'with' FXFowle? So here we are again, decorating one more shed. Drapes by Jean Nouvel. Building by BBB. Cue the screeching Hitchcock violins. One more ghostwriter in the sky."

UPDATE: Official sources are saying the deal is no further along than 'discussions.' And so we wait.