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Vornado's Harlem Park Insanity Revealed

Remember Harlem Park? That bizarro 34-story Marriott/office/condo tower slated to go up on the empty lot at Park and 125th Street that never got built? (Except on the web, natch, where the project "Coming Fall 2006!" lives on in glory.) And remember how, just over a year ago, Vornado snatched up the land, promising an even larger development?

So, yeah, turns out they were serious. Above, check the first rendering we've seen for Vornado's plan for the site—a huge-ass office tower. Nigel from NSNYRE tells Curbed, "I was scanning the commercial MLS where I ran into this beauty. It just got on the market 17 days ago—570,000SF, completion in 2009. Building seems to be being built without an anchor tenant. Office space has been notoriously slow paced around these parts, but Vornado definitely hopes to be the first of a Manhattan expansion north. Bagel leaves, Vornado moves in... did she cry uncle too soon?" Whether the project will continue to be known as Harlem Park remains to be seen, but anyway, uh, holy shit?
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