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Friday Reader Rant #1: SizeChopper on East 93rd

Here's part of the floorplan for a 3BR, $2.5 million listing on the Upper East Side. It's been a little while since we heard the roar of the chainsaw round these parts, but a tipster's feeling it: "Checked out a nice apartment at 131 East 93rd Street, Apt. 7CD. Floor plan looked great with a huge living/dining expanse of 36' 8" x 23' 8" -- upon going there, however, it didn't seem to have a large feel, so we measured with the tape. Egregious overstatement of dimensions throughout the apartment -- the living/dining real dimensions are 28' x 16' 6". NOT EVEN CLOSE. And other rooms throughout are inaccurately represented. The total square footage is probably off by around 25%. And, sadly, someone will probably buy a 1650 square foot apartment for near the 2.5 million asking price."
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