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Jitney Civil War: UWS Hits Back, Markowitz Unimpressed

It was big news when it was announced that the Hamptons Jitney would be making pick-ups in Brooklyn this summer. It was especially big news on the Upper West Side, where Hamptons-hopping residents have been waiting for a pick-up location for, oh, 30 years or so. The Sun gauges the mood on the UWS in light of the Jitney snub, and it's not pretty. Even Elliman retail chairman Faith Consolo gets involved, saying more young professionals are moving to the Upper West Side, and the Jitney is ignoring them. You can't expect these people to take the 86th Street crosstown bus!

Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz, never shy about returning a reporter's call on deadline, gave a little bitchslap back at the Upper West Siders: "We have the hip zip. No disrespect to the Upper West Side, but Brooklyn is always hipper. If Shelter Island is not half Brooklyn, I'd be surprised." Oh snap! You just gonna take that, UWS?
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