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358 Grove Boldly Pushing Bushwick Boundaries

It was, sadly, inevitable. A tipster emails, "358 Grove offers 185 condo units (13-stories) in a kind of blighted area of Bushwick off the Myrtle Avenue L stop. The small mid-section area of Bushwick shows no signs of gentrification yet, but I would expect it shortly. I'd like to hear what others have to say about this—I am a Bushwicker!"

Glory! A glossy new development in Bushwick, with its own annoying Flash website and everything! According to the listings at Halstead, apartments run from $270,000 to "our top of the line 3 bedroom 2 bath Duplex with 16' ceiling, 2 floor to ceiling walls of windows, with breath taking views of Manhattan for $682,233." Buyers, however, might want to beware some of the website's bolder claims.

Bushwicker: oh my god
Bushwicker: my god
Bushwicker: ha "offers ultra-convenient access to the myriad restaurants, shops and entertainment options of both williamsburg and manhattan"
CurbedGuy: amazing, no?
Bushwicker: they should be ashamed of themselves
CurbedGuy: remind me, is this the first bushwick new development?
Bushwicker: no, i don't think so
Bushwicker: though it's much further in
Bushwicker: i mean, that's the middle of nowhere
Bushwicker: no restaurants, shops, bars - nothing out there at all
CurbedGuy: i love it
Bushwicker: with that subway map, they make it look like it's close to bedford
Bushwicker: all the stops right next to each other
Bushwicker: so not close
Bushwicker: they say it's in williamsburg
Bushwicker: !
Bushwicker: "the always-expanding williamsburg neighborhood"
CurbedGuy: clearly these developers are geniuses
Bushwicker: when you hover over it, they list shops in the area - brooklyn natural is off the morgan stop
Bushwicker: ridiculous

· 358 Grove [Official Site]
· Listings: 358 Grove [Halstead]