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Is 'Flipper' Attacking Coney Island?

The hostile fight between city officials and developer Joe Sitt about how to redevelop Coney Island gets better every day. Today's volley, as Coney gears up for a lot of publicity this week about its "last season," are bitter comments that Mr. Sitt will demolish a lot of things and then walk away from the project. A New York Post article says "city officials" are calling the developer "nothing but a huckster with a history of flipping properties for a fast buck":

they're concerned that Joseph Sitt's next selling spree could involve the massive assemblage of beachfront land his Thor Equities has bought up in Coney Island - especially if City Hall doesn't allow his planned $2 billion entertainment complex to include luxury housing. "The guy has a track record of flipping land for big bucks," said one source close to the project. "He's done it already in Coney Island and other Brooklyn projects like [Downtown Brooklyn's] Albee Square Mall, and who's to say he won't play the city again?"

Looks like a tough week shaping up overall. There will be much nostalgia associated with Astroland's swan song season and a protest against Thor's plan to put housing in the amusement zone at City Hall on Friday.
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