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Open House Report: Astoria Windsor's Dose of Blue

The Astoria Windsor is a Developers Group property, designed by Peter Casini, with 29 apartments stuffed to the gills with Brazilian granite, cherrywood, yatta yatta yatta. It's on 21st Street between 30th Drive and 31st Avenue, with debate open as to whether this is indeed Astoria, or perhaps Long Island City. According to the DG's microsite, the project has three units in contract. Is this something to get excited about? Not really, says an open house visitor:

It's sandwiched between a car detailer and a ramshackle freestanding house, and right across the street from the Sunoco station in what is, at best, an "okay" neighborhood. So I was a bit surprised when I read on the sign that units in this "modern" building were "starting in the low 500s"... so I went to the open house today and got mobbed by realtors and bankers. Fun! The demo unit, on the 6th floor SW corner has good views of the city, nice floors, appliances and even doors (wha?), but overall it was small, and laid out rather plainly: Living room / kitchen, then 2nd bedroom, then master. All deep, but skinny rooms with almost zero closet space. And in case you were wondering, the blue is NOT tape on the windows... that's the color of the trim. Very strange...

I thought it was interesting that they included pics of Astoria Park and the TriBorough on the site, as it's almost closer to the 59th street bridge and the parks down there...

Scandalous! Eh, not really. Any other opinions on this new building? There's another open house from 6-8 today, so there's still time to do your recon.
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