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CurbedWire: Platinum Sales; PayPal Madness, New CBers

MIDTOWN WEST—A few blocks uptown from its burgeoning tower cum billboard (right), the team from Platinum NYC awaits your sales inquiries. A tipster reports, "[J]ust noticed this morning that Platinum NYC has set up a sales office in the building on the corner of 50th and 8th. The space has been vacant.... forever I think. Also - I can see the building from my window. About 3 floors are up already. I have a feeling this one is going up quick!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

DIGITAL FRONTIER—A tipster writes, "My friend is looking for an apartment and came across this website and was wondering if it was legit. You can pay rent through paypal!!!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

COMMUNITY BOARDS—Borough President Scott Stringer has announced 101 new appointments to Manhattan's various community boards, meaning 33% of the CB members are brand new. They anxiously await your liquor license applications. [CurbedWire Inbox/MBPO]