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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Sullivan St. Duplex

Yesterday, we provided the listing details for this Sullivan St. 3-bedroom. Today, we reveal the asking price. A note of clarification: For best PriceSpotter-playing results, do not use your super-Internet-sleuthing to find the listing, extract the price, and type it into the comments. Instead, process the information in your gigantic brain and come up with an educated guess. Less Google, more fun for everyone!

Listing: 175 Sullivan St. [Bellmarc]
Asking: $3.499 million
First, we agree, not Soho. Second, the ceilings will be kinda close to your head. Third, the listing and the floorplan are painting a conflicting picture about whether the terrace shown above is accessible from the apartment. We'll go with the listing. Other commenter notes of note: 1) "Why on EARTH would this be over $3M??? 11 x 10 "bedroom"? Are they sure that's not a closet? 2) "WHO prices apartments with 8's at this price point????" 3) "Ooooh, me likey...only problem I see is it's on a low floor." Thanks for playing.
· Curbed PriceSpotter: Sullivan St. Duplex [Curbed]