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Little Italy Cease and Desists Nolita, Threatens Noho

Turns out this morning's item about the Medici Foundation's push to ensure the longevity of the San Gennaro Festival only nicked the tip of the iceberg. Digging deeper into the Medici website, a special Curbed correspondent uncovered the seeds of a massive conspiracy, including an open letter to the City Council they'd like you to sign:

On behalf of The Medici Foundation, I fully support their initiative to have all of the various city real estate professions such as developers, brokers and the bureau of tourism to cease and desist with their NoLita labeling campaigns in Little Italy. As you probably already know the acronym stands for North of Little Italy. This means the real estate community and the bureau of tourism feel Little Italy is south of this area. I find these campaigns to be unjust and borderline discriminative towards the Italian-American community dwelling in Little Italy, and I take offense as a conscientious Italian-American citizen who views Little Italy as a New York City treasure of cultural historic importance. Our slogan is NoLita-NOWAY.For the love of all that is holy, read the whole thing. And then be sure to check out the historic zoning maps that reveal additional threats, including the "incursion" of Noho into Little Italy (above). Turf wars a'brewing!
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