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Harlem Development Update-o-Rama: Kalahari Zigs!

1) The Khalahari: Blogger Joe Schumacher, who has been obsessively tracking the rise of this massive condo project for years, issues a fresh update: "Brickwork has begun on The Kalahari (right)! Plus their website has been updated. The construction blog with one entry has disappeared. In its place is a form for sales information. Luxury hybrid 2-4 bedroom condo apartments from the mid-$600,000s." [WAPTA?]

2) ESPN Zone: Last Friday, Eater whispered this audacious rumor in its Plywood Report: "The NE corner of 126th and Lenox, just 3 storefronts away from Starbucks, is under redevelopment (old Mutual Life Insurance Building well known by Harlemites). It's under active redevelopment at the moment, total overhaul. A worker tells me it's planned to be an ESPN Sports Zone Bar/Cafe." Uptown Flavor readers have since been debating the rumor, declaring it plausible, if not possible. [Eater, Uptown Flavor]

3) Harlem Park: Following up on Friday's big reveal of Vornado's design for a big-ass boxaholic office tower on the Harlem Park site, a commenter reminds us that we'd run these awesomely vague renderings of the project last fall. Commenter consensus also concludes that the architects are Enrique Norten's TEN Arquitectos. [Curbed]