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Beaver Shots, and Some Buyers

An anonymous tipster sent along a few photos of the construction site at William and Beaver Streets, probably because we haven't mentioned said project since its pre-Valentine's Day hot centerfold. With a development so hyperstylized from the very beginning, did you really think the construction crane would escape some sort of fun accoutrement? Of course not. And here's a bit of news. According to the Beav's Corcoran listings page, two units are now in contract. They are an 832-square-foot one-bedroom for $995,000, and a 698-square-foot studio for, sigh, $870,000. Enter your "Do they come with the apartment?" joke here.

· William Beaver House [Official Site]
· Listings: William Beaver House [Corcoran]

William Beaver House

15 William Street, New York, NY 10005