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San Gennaro Fallout: Discrimination or Mercy Killing?

[San Gennaro photo via Flickr user kristyrocksnewyork]

Community Board 2's San Gennaro slapdown has been a hot topic in the papers, as New Yorkers briefly feign outrage at the festival's permit denial, before remembering they haven't had a decent time at San Gennaro since, well, ever. But before the decision eventually gets overturned and the festival proceeds as planned, the Medici Foundation?a "not-for-profit organization that preserves and promotes Italian and Italian-American culture, heritage and business"?wants everyone to know that what's going on is a cold, hard case of discrimination. Says the press release:

"This is not a community issue, it is a discrimination issue” said William Medici, President of The Medici Foundation and Producer of NBC’s critically acclaimed documentary, ‘Little Italy: Past, Present & Future.’ “This is a direct attack against Italian-Americans who, through their blood, sweat and tears, helped make this a wonderful city to live and work while sharing their legacy and wonderful culture with all people of all backgrounds,” added Medici.

The Medici Foundation is also trying to win Historic District status for Little Italy, so your overpriced zeppoles will forever be protected from the spread of Chinatown.
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