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DeNiro Shows His Manholes

Details are slowly trickling out about Robert DeNiro's long-awaited hotel on Greenwich Street at N. Moore, recently dubbed the Greenwich Hotel. Down By the Hipster already passed on news of the restaurant space and its corked-up ceiling, and now DBtH offers some more general tidbits, via an inside source:

2. According to a little birdy who has taken a tour, the hotel rooms are mostly on the small side. There are "a few really sweet duplex suites." Sweet.
3. The designers used hand crafted bricks from a special Pennsylvania brick foundry. Apparently they use some ancient brick making formula so each brick is unique.
4. There are some really cool arches in the building made from said bricks.

5. "It will make the Bowery Hotel look like a Red Roof Inn." - Little BirdyPositively scandalous! We're just happy that the manhole covers that got Landmarks chairman Robert Tierney so hot and bothered actually turned up in the final design. Lookin' good! Sez our own inside source: "They're, like, six months out at least."
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