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Sunset Park To Enter Downzoning Olympics

Looks like Sunset Park will be one of the next Brooklyn neighborhoods to get downzoned. Momentum behind a rezone for the neighborhood, which is coming under increasing pressure as development spreads south from Park Slope, was increased by the recent battle to stop a 12-story building on 42nd Street. After some wrangling, it was voluntarily cut in half by the developer. Last night, there was a local forum attended by the Mayor at which Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden committed to a zoning study for Sunset Park. A new group called the Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors fought the 42nd Street building and has been pushing for a downzone along with groups like the South Park Slope Community Group and Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights. All of which is the start of a long and contentious process, but means the neighborhood will join the South Slope, Greenwood Heights and other Brooklyn neighborhoods that have been downzoned. Up next: Developers try to dig as many holes and pour as many foundations before the neighborhood is downzoned. Which could be a lot of buildings given that there will only be a zoning study this year.
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