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Introducing Racked

That surprise we promised from Curbed's Storefronting department? Turns out it's a brand new blog.

Welcome to Racked, the newest member of the Curbed family. It's a blog about shopping, neighborhood stores and the retail scene of New York City. Like all Curbed sites, Racked comes at its world from the street up, covering everything from the newest Nolita boutiques to gas station gift shops in Queens. Current obsessions include Diane Von Furtstenberg's forthcoming Meatpacking shrine, an alarming situation at Trader Joe's, and a certain little food store we've written about from time to time here we'll talk more about in a second.

Racked is edited by Leslie Price, who comes to us by way of Time Out NY, where her beat was restaurants and bars as well as new shops, spas, and trends. Go ahead and say hello—or, better yet, send tips—to Meantime, enjoy.
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