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Bowery Hotel Duel Really Getting Personal

Did you think the plans for the massive, glowing Tower of Power—also known by its trade name, the Cooper Square Hotel—were mere napkin jottings? If the proprietors of the Bowery Hotel thought so, the arrival of the giant crane directly to their north is probably changing that this morning. Notes our tipster, "So much for those vaunted, unobstructed views north from the Hotel Bowery."
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BONUS: Nearby, HotelChatter tours the Lafayette House and its myriad fireplaces.

UPDATE: A commenter correctly corrects us: "That crane is not for the Cooper Square Hotel. That hotel will be at 25-33 Cooper Square at E. 5th St. The crane in the above shot is positioned on a lot between 3rd and 4th st. on the Bowery." We stand corrected. So what the hell's going up on the block that needs a crane that big?