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On the Racked: Astor Place Goes (Wal)green!

Yesterday, we debuted a new blog, Racked, that's devoted to covering NYC's shopping scene from the sidewalks up. Though this doesn't spell the end of Storefronting, much of what used to 'front is now Racked. Today's Curbed-related highlights follow.

1) East Village: Above, what's to become of the old Astor Wine & Spirits space on Astor Place? If you guessed a bank, you're wrong! If you guessed Walgreens, score one point. Beyond Walgreens, Racked's hearing many more retail opening rumors, from Midtown East to Clinton Hill.

2) Greenpoint: Where Starbucks goes, Staples follows. A tipster emails Racked, "This weekend I noticed the Wonderbread thrift shop at the corner of Morgan and Meeker had a sign on it that said 'Staples Shopping Center' coming soon."

3) Soho: The Shophound's Aaron Bernstein begins the Racked review series with a look at Via Bus Stop, "the American branch of a Japanese retailer who operates similar multi-brand shops as well as individual designer stores for Alexander McQueen and Antonio Berardi among others in Tokyo." More, including notable interior photography of the establishment, on the other side.

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