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Karl Fischer Row is Coming Along...Slowly

That's the string of buildings we call Karl Fischer Row pictured above on the edge of McCarren Park on Bayard Street. Right now, we'll note that it's making progress--some scaffolding is finally down in front of one of the buildings, but it's been sloooow going since last year. If you want to compare, the Northside Piers tower has gone from zero to nearly 30 stories on Kent Avenue between November and March, plus glass one-third of the way up. Meantime, blogger Eye Maze takes a look at how cozy the Fischer Row Buildings are and opines:

Now, I know that everyone is just DYING to live in the hippest of the hippest among all the aluminum siding and garbage, but this is ridiculous! Wow, look you have a balcony! Oh look, my neighbors have a balcony. Now WHO would buy either of these places...!?!?? I hear they are selling for a mere $600,000! Maybe you can get your friends to live next door and you can jump from apt to apt!Actually, some of the apartment are selling for way more.
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