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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Flanking the Bowery

Answers to Tuesday's questions below. If you've got a better answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, leave a note in the comments or drop a line to

1) East Village: What else is in store for the 12th and A development hub, beside the balconyless masterpiece at 531 E. 12th. A commenter says, "525 12th will be a 7 story condo (6 apts. most floor through 2 beds) by the same guy who did 107 ave A. i would expect the fixtures to be of the lowest quality since that is the way that guy gets down. but the facade is actually decent, at least compared to the crap at 531." Another commenter has some history on the SW corner. You can read it here. Spoiler: It ends in condos.
2) Lower East Side: A commenter reminds us that FLAnk Architects have big plans for 250 Bowery (above), a project we've covered before. FLAnk bills the project as the "first green hotel in New York," and it will be constructed as "one large mass suspended above an open space at street level," which kind of freaks us out a little.
3) Tribeca: Nothing further on the 63,000 sqft of condos (designed by BKSK Architects) slated for the soon-to-be former Ralph's space on Chambers between Broadway and Church. Not much love for Ralph's though (see commenter: "A real eyesore with nothing quaint at all about it.")
4) Midtown East: No word on the alleged 55 stories 57th and 2nd, where our querier has broader worries about the fabric of the nabe in light of the "unholy swath of condo construction." One commenter, however, suggests that local residents should take what they get. S/he notes, "East 57th has some pretty shabby spots, and the school site noted above is utterly dilapidated. I cannot imagine anyone who owns a property there not being elated about the new development."
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