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Dear Guest, Pomeranc's 6 Columbus Might Actually Open

Impossible news greets us in the inbox this morning: "Been awhile since have been able to pry any info out of the cold hands of the executive branch of Thompson Hotels. Regarding 6 Columbus, April 16th is soft opening date. Lobby is supposed to be finished by then." Ah yes, remember the lobby, which looked almost fit for beast a few weeks back? Also, remember July 2005, when 6 Columbus sources said they were "about six weeks away" from opening? We digress.

Back to our tipster: "There's a number to call too, 212-204-3000. So there you have it. another nu-retro-hollywood-suave-minimal-modern hotel from the brain of ubermensch aging hipster Jason Pomeranc. btw have you guys ever read the 'manifesto' they have up on the website? It's pretty staggering. Most employees of the company tend to roll there eyes at its mention." And indeed, the manifesto would stagger us, if the mere idea of 6 Columbus opening wasn't enough to indicate the apocalypse, at long last, might finally be upon us.
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