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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Mortgage Crap Hitting Fan Hard in Brooklyn & Queens (67 comments)
"I am sure there are some cases of 'ripoffs' but when you finance 95% of the equity in your house with a loan having payments you can barely afford and the loan resets after 5yrs with payments that you definitly can't afford- whose fault is it that when the 5yrs come up you lose your house?"
2) 358 Grove Boldly Pushing Bushwick Boundaries (52 comments)
"Calling out attractions located EIGHT subway stops away would seem to be a pretty misleading practice. In the Manhattan equivalent, you'd be using the Time Warner Center to market my apartment on 110th Street. Am surprised they didn't use the old chestnut of saying these venues are mere "steps" away. . ."
3) The Dying of the LES: Tonic and Sin-é Shuttering (48 comments)
"Tonic was much more than a bar, and there will not be another Tonic sprouting up anytime soon, nor will some other venue replace it, or even be considered a halfway decent alternative. and Sub Tonic was a sweet hangout. fuck. SAD FACE"
4) CurbedWire: LIC Madness, LES Hikes, Caledonia's Quest (42 comments)
"They waited outside for 30+ hours to get in! The first week I showed up at 1 and ALL the units were sold out. So the second week I came at 10am and again ALL the units were sold by the time they got to my number. And the following week I came at 8am and once again that was totally futile."