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CurbedWire: Chelsea Mews Strips Down, Surprises at 110 Third Ave

Let's begin the week with a little CurbedWire, our end-of-day reader rumor and rant roundup. As always, the tipline awaits your call.

1) Chelsea: A tipster checks in with an update from the Chelsea Mews: "After 1.5 years and extensive facade restoration, the scaffolding came off the Chelsea Mews at 148 West 23rd St last week--and WOW. The terracotta details that were hidden under grime and eroded over the years are back and incredible from the street. The loft-style co-op building's look is unique in Chelsea and worth a look-see. It's stunning." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) East Village: Toll Brother's first entry into Manhattan is full of surprises for potential buyers. A tipster reports, "My realtor tried to make an appointment for me to see one of the remaining 2 bedroom units at 110 Third Ave and the selling realtor told us that even though the building is almost done, we can't see the actual unit before we place a bid on it. The only way to see the units is to go to the sales office, see their promotional stuff, make a bid, have the bid accepted and submit the offering plan to our attorney. THEN AND ONLY THEN can we see the actual unit. Um??? What is going on there?" [CurbedWire Inbox]