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Requiem for Chelsea's Giant Rotating Cupcake

For months, we've secretly admired BlogChelsea's obsession with the giant rotating cupcake atop the street signage for West 23rd's Burgers and Cupcakes. Through rain, sleet, and snow, the cupcake has kept spinning. Yet soon, it will spin no more. Reports James Wagner:

The giant, spinning, flood-lit pink cupcake perched above the curb on the top of an advertising canopy on West 23 Street has to be removed within 30 days. The city's Department of Transportation [DOT], which has the authority in these things as the safety guardian of our streets and sidewalks, has found that the owners' original permit for a conventional framed canopy expired in 2003 and that the mechanical structure appended to the awning the restaurant had built after 2003, is itself in violation of city statute.
Wagner seems to see the impending cupcake removal as some sort of victory, but we're inclined to disagree. Left alone, the GRC had the potential to develop into a kitschy visual as iconic to the neighborhood as El Teddy's fabled crown was to Tribeca. Sad, really. And now we're hungry again.
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