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CurbedWire: Inside 6 Columbus, Avalon Chrystie

1) Upper West Side: A tipster snapped the above shot from inside the soon-to-open hotel 6 Columbus and notes, "Love those bellhop uniforms!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

2)Williamsburg: Some breathless intel on a building at 185 Wythe Ave, via a tipster who writes, "Up the block from the Toll Brothers there is private REIT that is renovating an existing industrial building consisting of 183 residential units and 2 Office Spaces.......very, very Green.......!.....I cannot go into the Green Building specifics but it will appeal to the hipsters in the charging stations for electric vehicles.....and amenities up the wazzooo ...really off the hook !" [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Lower East Side: A reader files this report on the current state of Whole Foods-Avalon Chrystie tenant relations: "I live at avalon chrystie....they just put up fliers advertising a meet and greet....or as they put it a "meet and eat" for chrsytie residents.......perhaps that is their way of making up for the whole foods being ready about 1.5 years after they used it to rent out apartments....."

Another Avalon Chrystie tipster writes, "There is a huge poster in the lobby, if you have someone brave enough to just walk in take the picture then leave. It is actually pretty funny, with a huge rendering of the building. Of course the drawn Avalon Chrystie is a lot more ideal, also you should look into the huge turbines that have been built on the 3rd floor roof of the building over the last 5 months, most likely for Whole Foods. In the back of the building there are 3rd floor apartments with huge patios on this roof. I have to imagine that these turbines are going to be loud, and produce a smell of cooking food 24 hours a day, which will not only ruin these patios but make it impossible for the entire back of the building to open their windows without smelling pre-cooked roast chicken cooking." [CurbedWire Inbox]