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CurbedWire: Coach Fire Pattern, DOB Inspections

1) Upper East Side: A special Curbed correspondent reminds us that Coach CEO Lew Frankfort isn't the only company exec to have his apartment go up in flames. Coach prez Reed Krakoff watched his 70th St. townhouse burn in October. Our correspondent writes, "WTF is going on up in the executive suite over there that all their homes are burning down?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Real Estate Development: A tipster alerts us to some changes within the Dept. of Buildings meant to limit over-zealous builders. He writes, "as of last week the DOB pre-filers will be keeping a set of signed and sealed plans at time of filing (4 sets will now be needed). The plans will be given to an inspector who will then go to the site and make sure work has not been done yet. If it has been done already or is in process, the site will receive a stop work order along with violations for working without a permit."