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Highline Ballroom Set To Beef Up NoMeat

Three thoughts on the news, via Eater, that a new music venue by the name Highline Ballroom is set to open in NoMeat this spring:

1) The building is owned by Western Beef, which moved in after being evicted from its longtime West 14th Street home. But does Western Beef really occupy the first floor of the same building where the venue will be? And if so, will this be the strangest music/beef combo in history?
2) The PropertyShark photo of the building, at 431 West 16th, reveals what's surely one of the worst building makeovers in NYC history. Compare the former glory, via an aged NYC property photo, at right. Jesus wept.
3) High Line branding: officially, completely over.
· West Side Music Story [NYPost via Eater]