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CurbedWire: Secret Apthorp Plans Revealed!, Plaza Rebrands, 123 Baxter Trades in its Brokers

Juicy CurbedWire today. Rinse out your glass and join us.

UPPER WEST SIDE—Regarding the just-announced imminent condoification of The Apthorp, a Curbed agent reports, "Apthorp is going to change the entrance to West End (or opposite wherever it is now). They're also going to add parking below ground, though I have no idea how that will happen." [CurbedWire Staff]

2007_03_plazaname.jpgMIDTOWN EAST— "A day after I saw a bunch of people in suits and hardhats walking around, The Plaza has updated the scaffolding advertising. Doesn't it look much classier now?" writes Curbed Photo Pool contributor darrellsilver. Bra-vo. [Curbed Photo Pool]

LITTLE CHITALY—Per a reader: "Looks like the very slow sales at Chinatown's Jetsonville development 123 Baxter has claimed its first broker. The listings have been pulled from Group Maysonet/Eilliman, and now JC DeNiro is listed as the contact. Rumor has it that NO units have been sold after two significant price chops (20% in some cases) and 4+ months on the market. I guess that the auto parker and free wine sommelier didn't jive with the Chinatown dim sum dumpsters around the block." [CurbedWire Inbox]