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Bowery Whole Foods Opening: T-Minus 21 Days

These photos are being brought to you by a very special division of Curbed currently known as Storefronting. In the coming weeks two things are certain: Whole Foods will make its glorious, gripping Bowery debut; and Storefronting will get a web presence of its very own. Developing, indeed.

For those who doubted the announced Thursday, March 29 opening date for the new Bowery Whole Foods, prepare to eat organic, pistachio-crusted crow. Above, a spycam shot of the grand stairwell that will whisk shoppers to the second floor. (Things have come a long way in the last month.) But that's not the biggest news: three weeks out from the grand opening, there's already food on the shelves, people. Fuckin. A.

For those who've emailed to inquire about the announcement of the winner of our Bowery Whole Foods betting pool, the winner will be announced on the day of the store opening. The week prior, we'll contact the winner privately in hopes of cajoling him/her into spending the $100 shopping spree on opening day.

That's not the only surprise we've got planned for that week. Stay tuned.
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