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Storefronting Midtown Bonus: Duane Reade City

The Duane Reade midtown invasion continues with the opening of their newest emporium at West 47th and Eighth Avenue. This was once the site of a hip and happening neighborhood hang-out run by the always ga-ga-gorgeous B. Smith (that was before she moved her bodacious B. Smith's over to Restaurant Row). Then this spot morphed into a short-lived and little-missed Bennigans. The newest spawn of DR Inc. is strategically placed between two new towers rising along this stretch (Ismael Leyva's 785 Eighth Avenue just up the block and Costas Kondylas' Platinum katty corner across the way). Funny how the new red-red awnings here somehow manage to make that orange and yellow mess next door look a little less perverse.
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