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Community Board Roundup: LES Rezoning, East Village Noise Wars Update, Historical Society Smackdown!

It's Friday afternoon, so you know what that means. It's time for another fun-filled journey into the wild world of Manhattan Community Boards. Buckle up—for love!

1) Lower East Side: "Last night I understood zoning," writes Yori Yanover on the Loho10002 blog, regarding a LES rezoning hearing earlier this week. After reading his report, we unfortunately still do not. To wit: "Community Board 3 has been working for over a year and half on a comprehensive 197-A community development plan, which contains many of the same basic provisions as the DCP draft proposal." Roughly translated, we guess that means something like, "Don't build tall, ugly shit." [Loho10002]

2) East Village: More Community Board 3 action! Updating the recent Noise Wars Triumph of the Silentistas on East 5th, Eater reports that upstart hipspot Death & Co. remains shuttered, and that the outlook for the resto-bar is bleak. Therapy sessions with the original E.U. team are available every other Tuesday. [Eater]

3) Upper West Side: Smackdown! Community Board 7 recommends that the New York Historical Society's ongoing attempt to alter its facade and improve handicap access (among other changes) be denied. And no wonder! Check this bullshit: "Existing torchieres at the entrance would be removed, but saved, and tall kiosk stanchions would be installed for announcements on either side of the entrance." Justice, people. Justice. [CityRealty]