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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Brooklyn Real Estate Prices Up & Dumbo's on Top (106 comments)
"i have lived in brooklyn (park slope) for going on 21 years this summer. i have never in my time here seen the amount of interest in this neighborhood as there seems to be at this time. on saturday, when it was quite warm out, the greenmarket at grand army plaza and 5th and 7th avenues were filled with what seemed to be an extraordinary amount of european tourists."
2) On the Market: Fizzbow in the Land of Livingston (46 comments)
"I did a FSBO and asked less than what a realtor told me she'd get for it. Went into a bidding war and got more than what realtor told me she'd get."
3) The Best Brokerspeak of the Year? (45 comments)
"I'm not sure that I 'understand why the food practically wants to cook itself' there. Actually that sort of creeps me out in an acid-trip, autocannibalism way."
4) Philippe Starck's Insanity Coming to Gramercy (44 comments)
"that building is bland and that part of gramercy is equally bland. living in a crazy, starck apartment there would be really odd."