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Funky Friday Listing: Central Village Salvage

Just off University Place at 61 East 11th Street in the Central Village, this loft first caught our eye because of its barrel-vaulted brick ceilings that run the length of the flat—not something you see everyday on the residential side. And that's not all, per the broker babble; there's also "a decorative Art Nouveau fireplace mantle, unusual lighting fixtures, church doors from France and other special features that you can incorporate or salvage."

Wait a sec: salvage? Er, yeah: "A kitchen needs to be added and you have the flexibility for 2-3 bedrooms. All this is only a drawing away." And happily for the buyer who's just gone to contract on this $2.2 million salvage project, they've even provided a "proposed floorplan" for your renovation convenience.

· 61 East 11th Street [Halstead]