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Splasher Not American Apparel?

For the 10 or so of you out there who still give a shit about the identity of the street art-defacing Splasher, the Village Voice's totally awesome All City blog has an update. If you recall, a potential American Apparel link was unearthed by blog I'm Not Sayin', I'm Just Sayin'. An AmApp rep denied the charge to All City, saying, "It's definitely not part of any American Apparel campaign. We do not deface art, we celebrate art."

Then how to explain the ads at the scene of the crimes/notcrimes? All City has a theory:

The Splasher doesn't splash his own thesaurus-laden jibberjabber, he/she/it splashes street art, so somebody in Billyburg is now splashing the Splasher. As for the American Apparel ad? We're guessing the Splashing-the-Splasher's message is something like this: Splasher, you are as street as naked hipsters in kneesocks!

And thus, the mystery remains. If you spot a naked hipster in kneesocks prancing up Bedford Avenue, feel free to apprehend him/her for questioning.
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