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Gansevoort Stands Behind its MeatBoard

Breaking news in the MeatBoard saga. Last night, Gansevoort Hotel owner Michael Achenbaum met with the neighborhood biggies who are protesting the installation of his 75-foot billboard. And here's the thing. He's really really sorry about putting it up, but there's no way in hell he's taking it down. Instead, in true classy Meatpacking District style, he's offering to give local artists $5,000 grants to stick some original artwork on the back of the giant advertisements. Insert your favorite Andy Warhol quote on commercialism and art right. about. here.

The Keith McNally-led protest of the Gansevoort's concierge calls now includes 10 restaurants, including Spice Market, Cafe Cluny and Florent. The Villager got some face time with Florent Morellet, who said of the billboard, "Every day I pass by, I feel sad and angry.” Neighborhood legend Morellet also said he's telling his art-world friends to stay elsewhere when they drop in to bring their fabulousness to the MePa, so clearly this scrap is getting serious. A little too serious.
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