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Trends in Advertecture: Chelsea Glassvertecture

With the city cracking down on scaffolding advertecture, what's a property owner to do to reap random advertising revenue from his/her streetfrontage? From the corner of 22nd and Seventh, ta-da: glassvertecture! Reports BlogChelsea, "From time to time you hear rumors about various businesses moving in but it seems to have been used as a store room ever since the coffee shop closed. The landlord also seems to think that he can rent the window space out as a billboard. Is this legal?" Who knows! Double bonus points for pluckiness either way.
· Is 22nd Street Part of Times Square? [BlogChelsea]

UPDATE: As long as we're on the building collapse theme, check out the roofline of the building above, then appreciate this commenter observation: "Unfortunately I live across the street from this mess and have to look at it every day. The roof is sagging and will eventually cave in. I have called the Department of Buildings several times, but apparently it is not at imminent risk of collapse."