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Building Collapse Betting Pool: 213 Pearl Street

Following 275 Mott Street's moment in the sun, it's time for reader nominee number two in Curbed's Building Collapse Betting Pool! Let's turn it over straight to our tipster: "Let me first say I am appalled at the building collapses that have occurred within the past week. NYC DOB has a lot to do and they can start by preventing another one. I am writing in regards to 213 Pearl Street [at Fletcher] in the Financial District. I was walking back from lunch and I saw this beauty."

As you can see by the photos, the building's façade has a half foot gap running from the foundation of the building to the roof. Bricks have already fallen on the neighboring property as well as the protective covering. The building is pieced together by braces. The DOB insists the building is safe as there are tenants in the building due to the peeled off vacate order and the note to the postman stating that they are still there and that the mail should be delivered underneath the door.

Given how 290 Mulberry Street and 1861 Lexington Ave. have collapsed within a week of each other, there may need to be some intervention and push to DOB, Bloomberg and anyone else to prevent another collapse. I say tear this down or have the owner fix it by cementing the bricks back piece by piece to fill in that gap!?. I"ll be taking bets for when this building will collapse.

We will, too!

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213 Pearl Street

213 Pearl Street, New York, NY