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Do Neighbors Want to Chop Off Part of Burg's Finger?

For those that haven't tired of the long running saga of Williamsburg's Finger Building, a new article in Block Magazine offers a detailed rundown of all its troubles, plus the suggestion that it could still face a Fingerectomy, which is a longshot, but interesting. Residents are apparently considering whether to try reversing the Finger's "vesting" under the downzoning that capped building height inland in return for allowing waterfront highrises. It's not too likely--as the current legal battle that has stopped the Finger at 100 feet rather than the 200 to which it aspired--has taken two years. The Fingerectomy would try to cut it to 60 feet. Meantime, the Finger seems to be vying for a Slow Building Award, assuming one doesn't include completely stalled projects on the list. We're going to miss that yellow & black exterior if it ever turns into a building.
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BONUS: The same link also leads to stories on the Magic Johnson Building in Greenpoint (110 Green) and a rundown on the latest Greenpoint Oil Spill Lawsuit.

BONUS, PART II: Williamsburg blogger INSIJS reports that Northside Piers, which gets the Fastest Building Award, has finally topped out, so it will go no higher, even though it will get a lot glassier.