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311 West Broadway Gets Branded, Hyped

Ever since an insider told us last year that the residential project at 311 West Broadway (across the street from the Soho Grand) was "full steam ahead," we haven't heard much about the Gwathmey Siegel & Associates building. But then ... movement. If you forget what the plans originally called for, check it out over on the right. Two buildings, a 9-story and an 8-story, with a shared yard in the middle. Have those plans changed? What do we look like, real reporters? We're hear to traffic in rumor and conjecture, and the latest?via Wired New York?is a stop work order issued in late March.

But let's look to the future, and at the development's fresh website. Say hello to Soho Mews, and while the site is just a teaser right now (albeit a fun animated one), it does reveal some of that "Soho royalty" we heard were involved in the project since the very beginning. Soho Mews has a "museum partner" in the New Museum of Contemporary art and a "Public Art" partner in the Deitch Projects. So you can expect a lot of fancy expensive art hanging on the walls, and some serious bucks living within them.
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