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Frying Pan Barge Reanchors Upstream at Pier 66

Momentus day on the Hudson River yesterday, as the barge that once anchored off Pier 63 in Chelsea relocated a few blocks north to Pier 66, taking the legendary party vessel The Frying Pan along with it. Photo documentation comes via Chelsea blogger Frogma, who has more snaps from the scene. The Frying Pan's grand re-opening is expected by this summer.

Worthy of note beyond the idea of once again getting drunk while afloat is the continued evolution of Hudson River Park. For starters, note the cobblestones just waiting to be laid in the photo above. Nice. And nabe blogger Crazy Fingers notes that a new boathouse is also being readied for the suddenly very happening Pier 66. (Naturally, the local drama surrounding the boathouse etc. is intense, and, frankly, way over our heads.) Still, cool news all around.
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