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CurbedWire: Duane Street Hotel Delays, HK East Gets Busy

TRIBECARemember the lengthy loft hotel at 130 Duane Street (interior rendering above) that was announced last fall? A tipster informs us, "The hotel is STILL not open and doesn't look close to opening. It is quite literally being put together by hand by a small Chinese crew. Materials going in certainly don't look luxe. Done by the same "architects & designers" who did the Best Western at the Seaport. Hmmmm, luxe?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

HELL'S KITCHENA reader sends this full development update from the oh so trendy HK East:

In addition to the big office project on Eighth Avenue running from mid-block West 54th Street to mid-block West 55th Street, it seems Harry Gross has now completed his air-rights acquisition that will enable him to build his Courtyard by Marriott at the corner of West 54th Street and Broadway. These two separate projects will allow only two buildings to be left standing: La Premiere, the high rise at 55th and Broadway, and a four-story commercial/residential building at 241-245 West 54th Street. Coincidentally, both projects hope to start demolition June 1, after the NY State Department of Labor closes, and the Kinko's and other buildings on the Broadway end. There is, however, a holdout... We love a good mystery. [CurbedWire Inbox]