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Forget G-Slope and Call It B-Slope

For those who like to keep track of what developer Shaya Boymelgreen is up to, we offer his latest project "The Heritage," on Second Street in G-Slope. This would be the fourth Boymelgreen project within two blocks. For those of you keeping track, others are the Novo Park Slope, on Fourth Avenue at Fourth Street, Park Slope Garden on Second Street and the Cityview Gardens building at Second Street and Fourth Avenue. This doesn't count the Mother of All G-Slope Boymelgreens, Gowanus Village, which Enrique Norten would design on the verdant shores of South Brooklyn's Grand Canal. In any case, Mr. Boymelgreen continues to provoke reaction, as the emailer who sent this missive about The Heritage, which will be designed by Karl Fischer Architect and have 21 apartments, demonstrates:

i walked by the hole in the ground that is shaya boymelgreen's latest project on 2nd street between 4th and 5th aves in park slope this morning. there was a sign up saying the building will be called "the heritage", and i can only imagine they've carefully selected this name because the building will continue with boymelgreen's heritage of atrocious architecture...and lawsuits galore.Us, we're simply wondering if it's time to start calling this part of the neighborhood B-Slope.
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