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The Fillmore Boldly Rebrands Irving Plaza

Behold: new signage at the music venue once known—in a quaint, far-away time—as Irving Plaza. We linked to the above photo of it yesterday, but an email to the Curbed inbox has convinced us this glorious spot of branding deserves to be more widely seen. Writes a reader, "There's a new marquee over Irving Plaza that says The Fillmore. Not sure if there was a management change or what, but the new marquee looks it was inspired by some Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant. Having lived around the corner for 9 years I'm definitely missing the old red and silver Irving Plaza marquee."

The rebranding comes to us from the fine folks at Live Nation, who're aiming to promote a national Fillmore brand. From this point forward, please refer to the venue by its actual official name, The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza. Rock and roll.
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