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Park Group Says It Got Its Ass Kicked & Gives Up

Rarely have we read such a straightforward admission of defeat, but the item posted over at Save Our Parks today--which has been fighting (and losing) the Yankee Stadium battle--definitely looks like they're throwing in the towel. The email that landed in our inbox said "Infested with Trotskyites, SaveOurParks can no longer function. So we are breaking up." (They were fighting to save Macombs Dam and Mullaly Parks from the stadium and parking.) The post is actually a letter asking members to disband the group. It says "we were defeated in all of the political and judicial arenas" and that "the cards were stacked against us." It goes on:

The National Parks Service, who we had counted on to protect our parks, was complicit with the City of New York and the New York Yankees before we were ever made aware of the plans to take the parks...our elected officials let us down. We should never forget this and should never miss the opportunity to let them know how the community was neglected. The promised "interim parks" are not ready as promised.Among the other reason for giving up: No place to meet, raucous meetings, no money, legal bills, etc. And Trotskyites. Ouch.
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