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As Thor and City Play 'Chicken,' Will Coney Island Go Dark?

If you wonder what the future holds in store for Coney Island, check out the 'game of chicken' that Thor Equities & developer Joe Sitt are playing with the city over his proposed $2 billion Coney Island redevelopment. The collateral damage could turn out to Coney Island itself. Among the tidbits: The former owner of Astroland says that she's asked Thor to stay open through 2008, but that they've said no. "What they're going to put here is very much a question," she says. Meantime, here a taste of post-2007 Coney:

denizens of the amusement district fear the developer is preparing to raze and leave fallow as much as two-thirds of Coney's amusement district. The idea would be to hold the heart of Coney Island hostage to force the city to rezone and let Thor cash in on condos...Coney Island's already diminished amusement district could spend years as a torn-up wasteland.The story does note, however, that a kinder, gentler developer has recently tried to offer new leases to evicted tenants that are organizing opposition to his plans.
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