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FSBO Sells Out, Calls for Backup

Back when we were Hoodwatching the fuck out of North Tribeca, we spotlighted an intriguing for-sale-by-owner opportunity in the American Thread Building at 260 West Broadway. The deal was two adjoining apartments (7A and 7B) being offered up for a combined $4.1 million. The splashy website was sent in by the owner himself, who said at the time, "Trepidatiously, I offer my own FSBO in the American Thread Building here." Trepidatiously indeed! Writes a tipster: "Apparently this FSBO decided to go with a broker (Mary Ellen Cashman from Stribling). if they couldn't do it with their fancy website, what hope is there for the rest of us!?" The price stays the same, but our feelings do not. Somebody pass a Kleenex, please. And just for poops and giggs, that redonculous American Thread triplex is still up for grabs for $16 million.
· Listing: 260 West Broadway [Stribling]
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