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Schrager on One Madison: Celebs Only, or Maybe I'll Sell

In a sit-down interview (we don't know if they were actually sitting down, but we like to think they were) with the Observer's Max Abelson, develbrity Ian Schrager?who will one day have his visage chiseled into the Curbed Mt. Rushmore?shared some tasty morsels, including new plans for Chelsea and this update on the iconic One Madison Avenue. Get ready for the glam:

What is your development at One Madison Avenue’s clock tower, which was once the tallest building in the city, going to look like?

Well, we are going to make a hotel there, a very high-end hotel, more like a private club ?. I have my development plans, but I might sell [the building] if we have the right price. We have been getting unsolicited offers.

What do you mean by “club”? Even clubbier than Gramercy Park Hotel? Yes. It’s an idea whose time has come to New York; it was never really here before. I like to think I had the most successful nightclub in history with Studio 54, but we couldn’t sell membership!

In other words, you'll never see the inside of One Madison Avenue again. Also revealed in the interview: Schrager's intrigued by both Williamsburg and New Jersey. Mamma Mia!
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