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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Boerum's Black Hole, 'Under Construction' on Court, Emptiness on Lafayette

Answers to Tuesday's questions, by readers for readers, below. If you've got a better answer, another quesiton, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to leave a note in the comments. Onward.

Shuttered gas on Atlantic and Boerum via 110 Livingston Blog

1) East Village: No word on the status of 404 Lafayette, which doesn't seem like the sort of address to stand for emptiness.
2) Downtown Brooklyn: As for the "eight-ish storey building, red brick, green glass, on the corner of State and Court," a commenter pens this mysterious note: "The Downtown Brooklyn item is about 'Danny's R-Grand Opening' (you have to live in the nabe to understand) Condos. Family literally demolished the Chinese restautant that was there themselves and the condo has been 'under construction' for 2 years. Word was that he was literally getting materials from family in China for construction. No one understands why there is no activity. The Lookout Hill condos down the block started later and are on the market."
3) Boerum Hill: More mysterious inactivity around the corner at Atlantic and Boerum, where we are still seeking an explanation for the chain-linked gas station (above) and the long-standing blue wall. Note: We've been at this intersection before.
4) Williamsburg: Regarding the "for sale" sign at Southside Lounge, a commenter notes, "Yes, Southside Lounge is for sale. Just the business and space, not the building. I miss it."
5) Greenpoint: No love for the Curbed reader moving to Greenpoint who wants to know what's up at the corner of Meserole and Leonard.
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