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Market Heat: Bidding War on Bethune

A real estate broker who asks to remain anonymous emails Curbed, "I showed this apartment to two clients, last Thursday, this Monday and Tuesday. Every time I was there the apartment was swarmed with brokers/buyers. It went to 'best and final' yesterday. We offered $300,000 OVER the asking price and didn't get it! I think there were at least 15 bids. I've never seen anything like this."

Putting aside our gut shilling concern, let's take a look at the listing, a two bedroom condo at 35 Bethune Street (between Washington/Greenwich St). Turns out the place kicks some serious ass: wood-burning fireplace, outdoor area, a windowed den separate from the two bedrooms, an interesting floorplan, and a perfect West Village location. So was the place just egregiously underpriced at $1.85 million, or is the market off the handle again?

· Listing: 35 Bethune Street [Stribling]